5 Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Help at the Holidays
5 Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Help at the Holidays

If you are like many people, you will be spending time with your parents and other family members this holiday season. Nearly 47 percent of Americans report they will travel for the holidays!

While you should enjoy the time you have with family as much as possible, you may observe some signs that elderly relatives need your assistance. It's important to know what to look for and how to react.

Read on to learn about the five signs elderly parents need help with during the holidays.

1. Showing Signs of Forgetfulness

In today's fast-paced world, it's not unusual for people of all ages to forget something here and there. Whether it's car keys, an appointment, or an item at the grocery store.

When your parents are forgetting things they normally would recall - and do it often - this can be a sign of something worse. More than 55 million people are living with dementia worldwide.

Although dementia is known for emerging most often at age 65 or later, signs can begin years earlier. Take note of how interactions with your parents change over time, particularly leading up to and during the holidays.

2. Suffering From Nagging Ailments

When your elderly parents are suffering from nagging ailments, it can change their quality of life. Sometimes, this can be diminished to the point they need assistance from you or a medical caregiver.

If your elderly parents are ailing physically, you should be careful transporting them or asking them to travel a lot during the holidays. Always think of how you can help make them more comfortable.

3. Experiencing Incontinence

Experiencing incontinence can happen to men and women of all ages. Sometimes this is a sign of a weak bladder not kept under control. Other times, it can be a symptom of a very serious underlying condition.

If you notice that your elderly parents are making frequent bathroom trips or complaining about incontinence, don't brush this off. Since it is a sensitive topic, approach it with caution.

If your mother is having trouble making bathroom trips at night, consider recommending open back nightgowns for ladies. A hospital gown for home care can also be helpful for a father suffering from incontinence.

4. Trying to Do Too Much

Elderly parents may try doing too much as the holidays get closer. Some activities may include cleaning their house, wrapping gifts, or lifting heavy boxes.

Be mindful of whether your parents will need extra help from you around the holidays.

5. Expressing Concerns About Their Health

Although elderly parents may be forgetful, other times expressing concerns about their health can also be a sign they need your help. Health conditions like arthritis or degenerative disc disease may cause physical problems for your parents but not mental decline.

Communicate with your parents to check in with them regularly and take note of the things they share with you about how they feel.

Helping Your Elderly Parents

The passage of time is something that no one can escape. As your parents get older, the holidays are an opportunity to spend quality time together. Aside from being a time to catch up with family, it's also helpful to observe the behavior of your elderly parents.

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