What are the Best Nightgowns for an Elderly Woman in a Nursing Home?

What are the Best Nightgowns for an Elderly Woman in a Nursing Home?

Recently my mother went into a nursing home and then had a caregiver to help with daily tasks of dressing and bathing etc , it made me start to think. What are the best nightgowns for an elderly woman in a nursing home, who was being dressed by a caregiver?

The best nightgowns for an elderly woman in a nursing home will vary depending on her condition. Generally speaking, a nightgown made in a soft comfortable fabric is ideal.

Fabrics like 100% Cotton knit are a great choice for soft comfort. If she is bedridden, an open back nightgown with back velcro closures is ideal. The back shoulder velcro closure ensures there is no pressure on her back from the closures and makes for easy on, easy off dressing by the caregiver, reducing the stress on the elderly woman being dressed or changed.

Now that you know what kind of nightgown is best, what if your Mom or grandma doesn’t like cotton?

What fabrics are best for nightgowns for elderly women?

For many, cotton is a great choice because it is soft on the skin, lightweight, and allows good air circulation. It ‘breathes’ and it’s also ideal for all seasons. Cotton is a natural fiber and keeps you cool in the summer and insulates in cooler weather.

However, some people prefer synthetic fabrics. A great choice here would be a lightweight softly brushed synthetic knit that is smooth and does not irritate the skin.

What design is most loved by elderly women?

The most important design feature for an elderly womans’ nightgown is comfort. They love an easy full fit so it doesn’t tug or pull anywhere while they are sleeping. Elderly women also like modesty and function as well as pretty details on their sleepwear. There are also many choices of sleeve lengths, long and short, to help keep them more comfortable.

Does quality matter?

Quality matters a lot. Our loved ones deserve the best. The best gowns are well made with strong seams and manufactured with attention to detail and finishes. They use high-quality fabrics that last, wash well and are made to high standards with great design.

What is the most important comfort factor?

The fit and the fabric are the most important factors when it comes to comfortable sleepwear. A loose, easy fit is preferred by elderly women. Soft breathable fabrics that absorb the perspiration in warm weather and also give warmth in cooler weather are the best choices. Also, elderly women tend to have dry skin. A soft cotton knit nightgown is a great choice as it is smooth and will not irritate the skin.

Pullover vs open back?

If an elderly woman is mobile and able to dress and undress by herself, a pullover nightgown with a wide neck opening that goes easily over the head might be a good choice. If an elderly woman is bedridden or needs assisted dressing help from a caregiver, then an open back nightgown with adaptive back closures would be a great choice.

An open back nightgown will reduce the stress of movement on the person a caregiver is changing and dressing.

In conclusion, nightgowns are an essential and important part of a woman’s wardrobe when they are young, when they are older and even when they are elderly. Although an elderly woman’s needs in a nursing home may be few, they still want to feel good, be comfortable and look pretty when they sleep or are bedridden. There are some great choices out there to help your loved ones relax, feel good and look good. Here are some to take a look at.