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Dignity Pajamas

Easy on...Easy off

Hi, I’m Franne.

It is said that out of sadness and pain great things can come

I would like to share with you the story of my journey to develop this product.

‘Dignity pajamas’ was born out a need to help my parents retain their dignity while traveling through the end journey of their long lives.

As they became more frail, my parents like so many, needed round the clock help.

After a protracted illness requiring hospitalization and a relapse my mother entered hospice care. Her daily needs were being administered by a combination of family and staff.

Dressing and changing a frail, elderly or sick patient is a challenge, not to mention hard on the patient.

As a clothing designer for 30 years, I was dismayed by the staff’s solution to making it easier and less disruptive to change my mother was to take a company logo tee shirt and slit the back. Although well intended, not the most dignified or respectful solution.

I rushed out to purchase my mother nightgowns that could easily be adapted and found nothing suitable. I went online and searched. There were only limited choices that were not at the quality or taste level that my mother ,and perhaps yours, would want to retain her dignity around her loved ones. Sadly, my mother passed away before I solved the problem.

Not too long after, my father, 93 years young, went through the same process. At that time, I decided he was not going through the same indignity.

The day I was told he needed to go into hospice, I went out and in one night roughly re designed pajamas that were in the taste level and quality that my parents were used to. When I brought them to the facility the next day to have my father changed into them, he smiled weakly and said "you just found your next business. Make something pretty for your mother…"

This was the beginning of ‘Dignity Pajamas’

Our parents, grandparents and loved ones need to be able to preserve their dignity while traveling through the sunset of their lives. As does any loved one who is ill or has limited mobility

‘Dignity Pajamas’ helps them do that with high quality 100% cotton knit adaptive nightgowns and pajamas for men and women. Available in beautiful styles and fabrics that they deserve with discreet velcro closures. It is a gentler and more respectful solution for both the patient and the caregiver .

Take a look… honor your loved ones …please tell your friends...order today...It would make Willi very happy